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Document Protector

Document Protector

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  • Document Protectors.
  • Clear white.
  • Premium adhesive backside firmly grips any surface.
  • Provides excellent protection during shipments.
  • Puncture-resistant and tamper-proof.
  • Clear view surface enables inner contents to be easily viewed.
  • PEEL & STICK: Pressure-sensitive sticky backside strongly attaches to the outside of packages.
  • Back-loaded envelopes securely hold documents.
  • The slit is on the same side as the self-adhesive material.
  • Self-adhere to cardboard, plastic, wood, or metal.
  • MULTIPURPOSE USE: Perfect for warehouses, moving companies, and storage.
  • The easy opening is allowing the user to slide paperwork inside and seal it.
  • Great for storing the packing list right on the outside of the carton box.
  • Ideal for housing order forms, invoices, and special documents.

Dimensions : 

A6 - 175x143mm

A5 - 240x180mm

A4 - 345x250mm

Quantity : 

A6 - 1000 Per Packet

A5 - 1000 Per Packet

A4 - 500 Per Packet

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